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A figure sits hunched low over a desk, light blue skin turned to almost milky white in the light of the candleflame, a rough crop of pure white hair on their head. The desk is covered in loose sheets of parchment, towers of books, a scribbled pile of notes. They’re reading through a page titled “The Breaking of the Cycle of Rebirth”. A tension in their muscles grows as they read further down the page, coiling uncomfortably in the space between their shoulders. The tension breaks as Emlyn grabs the book and, with a yell of frustration and a flurry of motion, sends the book flying across the room where it collides with the wall and then the ground with a thud. There’s a moment's pause as Emlyn stands, shoulders heaving, fists clenched. Then they take a deep breath and release it as a sigh. Their shoulders slump and they collect the book from where it landed, setting it back on the desk, reopening it to that same page. They steel themselves then continue reading.

The playlist below was curated by Rowan, to reflect their view of Emlyn and to give a flavour of who they are.

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