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Errors in Judgement: Rule Conflicts

A game like pathfinder has a lot of rules, lots of them. Thousands of pages worth of them. Most of the time these rules are simple, easy to use and have nice easy steps to follow. Sometimes those rules conflict, or aren't always where you expect. Sometimes this leads to mistakes.

In the effort to keep myself perfectly humble, I have two mistakes to bring you in this post.

  1. Mage armour and incorporeal weapons

  2. Spellcasting and curses

Firstly, mage armour threw a spanner in the works with incorporeal weapons. Usually an incorporeal weapon ignores armour and hits against touch AC. Mage Armour as a spell specifically says:

Since mage armor is made of force, incorporeal creatures can't bypass it the way they do normal armor.

I completely forgot this while running the first half of the combat against the Lopper. Avina should have taken a little less damage as a few of the hits would have missed. In this instance, I have decided not to retcon anything as that would be complicated, but have noted it to move forward.

Part of this is my responsibility as a Game Master, and part is down to the player to understand their character and abilities. It is easy for things to slip and for someone to not notice, especially when certain rules do not come up often, such as incorporeal weapons. It's a good idea (as I try to do) to spend some time refreshing yourself on what rules apply to your character (or the party you are GMing for) to keep yourself apprised on anything that might be important.

Secondly, I have noticed that I have not been asking for Avina to make Will saves when casting spells. This is entirely on me as I am the only person who knows the extent of the effect on Avina. This is one that slipped simply because of trying to track too many things at once. I have noted it, and Avina has luckily gained a few casts that might not have actually happened.

Overall, this one feels like a net-zero situation. Avina should have taken a bit less damage, but also might not have cast a few spells that have been beneficial. Sometimes things work out well like that, other times they don't. One thing that is sure, I will remember both of these rules moving forward.

You had better keep those spell cards close, Avina!

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