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Errors in Lore

This is a slight variation on the type of post we introduced last week. This week, rather than errors in rules lawyering, we have errors in Lore. This is because this week, we had a bit of a tangent at the beginning of the recording and I introduced many different deities in quick succession. In my excitement to explain the lore of Cayden Cailean, I actually got a few things wrong and those should be assessed here.

Firstly, I incorrectly said that Abadar was the first person to use the Starstone to ascend to godhood. I said the wrong name entirely and actually the first person to successfully use the Starstone to gain godhood was Aroden. Aroden was the immortal Azlanti man who raised Starstone from the depths of the ocean and who became the patron diety of humanity. He was prophesised to lead Humanity into a golden age, but on the day of his return he instead died and thrust Golarion into the Age of Lost Omens, in which we currently exist.

Starstone itself came crashing to Golarion in the year -5293 AR causing a cataclysmic event that decimated the land known as Earthfall. The stone now sits in the largest Cathedral of the Ascendant Court and allows any who wish to attempt the Test of The Starstone to potentially be raised to godhood. To date, only four have ever achieved this: Aroden, Norgorber, Cayden Cailean and Iomedae (in that order).

Secondly, I dismissed Roxxi's point about the Whispering Tyrant being interested in the Starstone. While technically my response was accurate, that Tar-Baphon was interested in many things that could promote his rise to power, he was in fact quite interested in the Starstone, or at least he would be at some point. While he would not submit to any such test, he decided instead to resort to taking the stone from the Ascendant Court by force.

The Shining Crusade that eventually managed to overwhelm the Whispering Tyrant and imprison him in Gallowspire, where he remains trapped to the present day, had the sole purpose of removing him from his tyranical reign of Ustalav. Having been originally killed in his human form by Aroden himself, Tar-Baphon - reborn as the immortal lich the Whispering Tyrant - sought the power of the Starstone to both ascend to godhood and also to desecrate the legacy of Aroden himself.

The quirk in this tale is that the events involving the Starstone actually occur in 4719 AR, 8 years after the campaign itself is set. So this is one where technically Roxxi and I are both correct. The Whispering Tyrant is not connected to the Starstone... yet.

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