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Lunamote woke from her dream suddenly, panting and sweating as the horrible images continue to swirl around her head. Her mother, hearing her yells of panic, burst in to console her and Lunamote slowly calmed down to her reassurances. ‘No, the town wasn’t underwater. No, there was no great flood. No, there weren’t any bloated corpses stuck by the bridge.’ Eventually, she was lulled back to sleep.

A week later, Lunamote was stood with a note clasped against her chest, protecting it from the torrential rain that had been thundering down for three days. She slipped it under the door and the quietly ran back home. Benjan Caeller, Sheriff of Ravengro, opened the note a few hours later and read ‘You’ll find bodies caught on the foundations of the bridge.’.

The playlist below was curated by Roxxi, to reflect her view of Lunamote and to give a flavour of who she is.

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