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The Carrion Crown

The moon was barely piercing through the cloud, coming down in fractured, shattered blades across the stone façade of Harrowstone. The prison had stood, broken and splintered for decades, and likely would for decades more. Beneath the stone, the echo of a raging fire still burned immaterial under the foundations, a reminder of a painful past. The grounds haven't been walked in long years, not until this night, and not again for a while longer. The sleepy town at the base of the hill stirs in uneasy sleep as the horrors of the Harrowstone writhe for their freedom.

And still, beneath the speckled shafts of pale moonlight, the body of Professor Petros Lorrimor awaits the morning, a grim discovery that will unlock a tide of change and danger.

The playlist below was curated by Chris, to set the tone and set the wheels of dark machinations turning.

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